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Dieffenbachia White Etna Small
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Dieffenbachia White Etna Small
Dieffenbachia White Etna Small

Dieffenbachia White Etna Small


Ideal for creating a tropical look, dieffenbachia (sometimes called dumb cane because its poisonous leaves contain a substance that can temporarily numb the vocal cords if consumed) offers lush foliage that takes toxins out of the air, so your family can breathe easier. Height: 30 to 45 CM

Care: Dieffenbachia White Etna is not a difficult houseplant. However, the right location is crucial for Dieffenbachia White Etna to remain healthy and retain and develop its beautiful colours. The colouration of the leaves depends largely on the location. The Dieffenbachia White Etna likes a little extra nutrition. In the summer months, we recommend that you fertilise this houseplant once every fortnight. This will make it even more beautiful!

Watering: Water it when the soil is dry