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Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance
Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance

Flat Inline Drip Irrigation Pipe, 16mm, 1000 meter

Original price Dhs. 140.00 - Original price Dhs. 180.00
Original price
Dhs. 160.00
Dhs. 140.00 - Dhs. 180.00
Current price Dhs. 160.00

Features :
• Drip lateral tape is a seamless tube
• Manufactured from special grade virgin poly ethylene mixture
• Flexible tape makes it convenient for coiling and recoiling
• Recommended for closely spaced crops
• Suitable for above ground laying.
• Normally the drip tape is flat and becomes round shape when water flows through the tube.

Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to localized application and reduced leaching
• Water application efficiency is high if managed correctly
• Field leveling is not necessary
• Fields with irregular shapes are easily accommodated
• Recycled non-potable water can be safely used
• Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity
• Soil type plays less important role in frequency of irrigation
• Soil erosion is lessened
• Weed growth is lessened
• Water distribution is highly uniform, controlled by output of each nozzle
• Labour cost is less than other irrigation methods
• Variation in supply can be regulated by regulating the valves and drippers
• Fertigation can easily be included with minimal waste of fertilizers
• Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease
• Usually operated at lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, reducing energy costs


Shipped and Delivered within 5 to 7 Working Days.

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