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Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance
Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance



Food waste is a pressing issue globally, and the UAE is no exception. With an average of 197 kilograms of food wasted per person per year, the impact is significant. Not only does this represent a loss of valuable resources, but it also contributes to environmental degradation and economic inefficiency.

 How Can You Contribute?

Home composting transforms waste into valuable soil nutrients, curbing landfill emissions and fostering sustainable practices in the UAE.

How It Works?

  • Start composting effortlessly with our Compost Kits, complete with everything you need to begin the journey towards sustainable living. Explore our range of options and enjoy the convenience of our Buy Now Pay Later option.

  • Follow the simple instructions provided in the booklet to kickstart your composting journey. Should you need any assistance along the way, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • After the composting process is complete, you have the choice to utilize the nutrient-rich compost for your own gardening needs or sell it back to us. It's a win-win situation for you and the environment!


    Earn points for your compost! For every 10 kilograms of compost you produce, you'll receive 10 points, equivalent to 1 AED. Please note that composting rates may vary depending on factors like composting method and environmental conditions.


    Here's how our compost buy-back program works:
    Step 1: Request a collection by updating the link provided.
    Step 2: Our team will schedule a convenient pickup time.
    Step 3: Upon collection, our team will conduct a quick quality check of the compost, including visual inspection and nutrient analysis (takes just 5 minutes).
    Start composting today and earn rewards for your efforts!


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