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Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance
Transforming Deserts: Harvesting Abundance

The Leafy Lab's Composter Pack, Home composting UAE

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Introducing our Home Food Waste Composter Pack - your complete solution for eco-friendly composting at home! This pack includes everything you need to turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost effortlessly.

🌱 Compost Bin (30L Size): Our spacious compost bin accommodates all your food waste, fitting perfectly in any kitchen or outdoor space.

🌿 Compost Booster Mix: Speed up the composting process with our special booster mix. Just sprinkle it on your food waste to accelerate decomposition and eliminate odors.

📖 Info Booklet: Get started quickly and easily with our comprehensive info booklet. Learn tips and tricks for successful composting right at your fingertips.

Steps to use our compost Booster,

Step 1: You can use any Bin of your choice that has a cap. Example: Plastic bucket with a lid, or any bins.
Step 2: Use our bedding material at the bottom.
Step 3: Put the food waste into the bin.
Step 4: Cover the Food Waste with Our "FOOD COMPOST BOOSTER POWDER".

Thats it. Your food waste will turn into black gold.

1kg pack - enough for 6 months for a family of 4!

Includes: Compost Bin Bedding Mix, Compost Booster Mix, Info Booklet 

Say goodbye to food waste and hello to sustainable living with our Home Food Waste Composter Pack. Start composting today and do your part for the planet!


Shipped and Delivered within 5 to 7 Working Days.

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